Are your people in need of a morale boost? Are you looking for a "motivational speaker" whose principles work in the real world, and not just in the meeting room? Do you want a speaker who will take the time to truly understand your audience and your objectives, who will be a true partner in making your next event the best yet? 

That's exactly what one of Shawn's recent clients was looking for, and after the presentation, he said...

“He nailed it 100%!”

“Shawn was very invested from the minute we spoke. We gave him a message that we really hoped he would convey to our people and he nailed it 100%. I know we’re going to reap the benefits from that for the entire year, and more to come. Thank you very much!”

- Edward Hernandez, Regional Human Resources Manager, Ingredion, Inc.

In today’s rapidly changing, highly demanding business world, it’s no secret that leaders are struggling to keep morale up while their people are constantly striving to “do more, faster.” 

That’s why Shawn’s message has been called “a breath of fresh air,” as he shares a manageable way to not only keep up with it all, but to actually thrive... and it has nothing to do with to-do lists, and everything to do with slowing down (yes, that's right!) and focusing on what matters most

“This moment matters,” Shawn says, “because everything happens in this moment.” 

It's an idea that is simple yet profound, considering the fact that "this moment" all too easily zooms by unnoticed with the accelerating pace of life and work today.

With an inspiring message packed with practical tools and strategies for immediate implementation, Shawn’s mission is to help you and your people:

Rise Up


In the face of adversity and change, it's time to stop blaming, stop complaining, and take responsibility for what happens next.

Stand Strong


Claim your inner power by aligning with your goals, values, and priorities, and bring your best self to the moment at hand.

Break Through


You know there's something more for yourself and for your organization, so step into the next level of happiness, productivity, and performance.

Not just another motivational speaker...

Shawn takes pride in sharing a message that is "real world compatible," and that's because it's a message that was born in the real world. From growing up on a farm, to almost 20 years of small business leadership experience, (which includes navigating through the great recession), to caring for a loved one with chronic illness, and raising a young son, Shawn understands the value of resilience, and audiences connect with his authenticity. He is driven by a passion to help people live better lives and build better businesses, for the good of the individual, the organization, and all stakeholders.

Shawn on site at client event
Amazing Events Since 1999

Experience you can count on.

While Shawn first took the stage with his "This Moment Matters" message five years ago, he's been helping clients create amazing events since 1999. As a program consultant, he has facilitated hundreds of events with leading speakers such as Marcus Buckingham, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Marci Shimoff, Jon Gordon, Waldo Waldman, and many more. He understands the importance of creating an engaging experience for your audience, and he also understands the pressures you face as an event planner. That's why he takes the time to understand what matters most to you, and he tailors his presentation to hit the right marks so YOU shine as the true hero of your event!

See what others say...

Here is some feedback from Shawn's clients and program participants:

“This is one of the top issues facing executives. I believe it’s hampering productivity more than we know or realize!”

-Lori, Unisys Corp.

“I really took to heart your message. Better yet, YES, I am taking time to ‘Breathe.’ Thanks for the reminder and I’m going to be sharing your message with my co-workers as well.”

-Joni, Cattaraugus County Bank

“This presentation was a breath of fresh air in my otherwise busy and stressful day. Thank you!”

-Valari, Crowe Horwath LLP

Isn't it time to bring this important message to your people?