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Inspirational Speaker & Entrepreneur Reminds Audiences That 'This Moment Matters'

Shawn Ellis is a wonderful speaker and really proved his points about awareness, renewal and that a moment does matter. I was amazed at how I felt… I was super focused afterwards. Renewal rocks!

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What People Are Saying:

  • Sonali Marathon Oil Company

    “Thank you for speaking at the LEAP luncheon. The feedback was positive and the message resonated for many members personally and professionally.”

  • Beverly First National Bank of Fredonia

    “Attending this program at the recent convention was one of the most meaningful… being able to truly connect with others and fully enjoy each moment is a gift we’ve all been given but need to be reminded to embrace in our daily lives.”

  • Valerie Howard Community College

    “I learned that, although there will always be much to do and things will happen that we don’t plan on, we should always take time out for ourselves; learn to slow down and breathe.”

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So What’s This All About?

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7 Choices to Live & Work Like This Moment Matters

  1. Choose: Yes, the first choice is to choose to live and work like this moment matters. Choose to be here now and somewhere else later. Life and work won't slow down on their own!
  2. Allow: We can't change what already is, but we do have response-ability. How will you respond to this moment?
  3. Focus: This moment matters, but what matters in this moment? Give your attention to the one thing that matters most right now.
  4. Align: Turn off autopilot and engage in this moment with intention, aligning with your highest goals and values.
  5. Act: Good intentions don't determine the quality of your life or work; acting on those intentions do. Do the right thing, right now.
  6. Renew: All of the preceding steps require an expenditure of energy. The simple act of pausing to breathe provides renewal.
  7. Repeat: This is not an overnight solution; it is a lifelong journey. One day, we will evaluate our accumulation of moments. For now, the only question is: What will you do with this one?

About The Author

Shawn Ellis is an inspirational speaker, entrepreneur and small business owner who helps busy professionals rise above the challenges of today's fast-paced, demanding business environment -- not by doing "more, better, faster," but by slowing down, being present, and giving their focused attention to the "right thing, right now." His contrarian advice has been called "a breath of fresh air" by his seminar attendees. 

In addition to his own speaking and writing, Shawn is also founder and president of The Speakers Group where he partners with other speakers to help organizations help their people "live better lives and build better businesses." He recently assembled over 20 best-selling authors and speakers including Jack Canfield, Marcus Buckingham, Chris Brogan and others to publish an ebook titled Good Advice to Live a Better Life and Build a Better Business.

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