See it again – for the first time

See it again – for the first time

I have a question for you:

What if you were seeing everything — and everyone — for the first time today?

What if nothing was familiar and nothing was already labeled as “good” or “bad” or this or that — if nothing carried any “baggage”?

If that were the case, then what would you see? What would you feel? What would you do?

This came to me as I was walking down the hallway in our house this morning. That’s about as boring and mundane as it gets in life, isn’t it? The hallway. Is the hallway ever a destination? No, when you’re in a hallway, you’re in all-out “point A to point B” mode, aren’t you?

But as I was walking down the hall today, something “clicked” in my mind and for a split second, I remembered walking down that hall on the first morning I woke up in our new house several years ago. On that morning, the hallway was amazing! Every step I took through the house was amazing… because we had just moved in from an old, cramped apartment, and I was grateful.

How easily we can go from being grateful to taking something for granted.

I’m thankful that I was able to experience that initial amazement in the hallway once again today, and I’m sharing this with you as a reminder and an encouragement:

Try to recapture some amazement in your life today.

Have certain people or things blended into the background of your daily routine? It happens to all of us. Today, though — or better yet, right now — make a point to look around and see who or what you can see for the first time, again.

photo credit: harold.lloyd via photopin cc

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  1. Thanks, Elisa. I appreciate you reading, and I’m glad you found it to be meaningful. You’re right — it’s easy to ignore “the hallways” while we’re trying to get here or there in life.

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