Really? This is why we need a faster connection?

AT&T has been running a series of commercials to promote the speed of their 4G mobile service, and if the goal is simply to make us laugh, they’re pretty good. As I watched this commercial (below), though, I couldn’t help but think, Really, this is why we need a faster connection?

“…so you can do more faster.”

Wow. Just because we can “do more” and “do more faster” doesn’t mean we should.

I’m all for technology. I’m all for having fun with technology. But let’s check ourselves every now and then.

Technology has the power to improve our lives, and as Andrew May wrote in his book, Flip the Switch, it also has the power to whip us into a “fast-paced, on-demand, 24/7 frenzy,”.

The choice is always ours.



What do you think?